Behind Inside Airbnb

The Inside Airbnb project was brought to you by Murray Cox.

Murray Cox, an independent digital storyteller, community activist and technologist, conceived the project, compiled and analyzed the data and built the site.

John Morris, designer and graphic artist, designed and directed the user experience.

For any questions about the site, the data; or for comments, please contact



While much code was "copied and pasted" from the internet for various uses, some excellent Airbnb code from Tom Slee was found near the end of the project and helped with poor python skills.

The site uses the following Open Source technologies:- D3, Crossfilter, dc.js, Leaflet, Bootstrap, jQuery, Select2, Python, PostgreSQL and Google Fonts.

Maps are designed in Mapbox Studio with OpenStreetMap data and hosted via Mapbox.

The site is served by an Amazon S3 "bucket".

Hosting for this site and the maps is personally funded. Any offers to host them would be kindly considered :-).