How is Airbnb really being used in and affecting the neighbourhoods of your city?

Airbnb claims to be part of the "sharing economy" and disrupting the hotel industry. However, data shows that the majority of Airbnb listings in most cities are entire homes, many of which are rented all year round - disrupting housing and communities.

Browse the data for your city below, and see for yourself.

Platform Failures: How Short-Term Rental Platforms like Airbnb fail to cooperate with cities and the need for strong regulations to protect housing

December, 2020

Written by Murray Cox, the community activist behind the Inside Airbnb data project, and Kenneth Haar from Corporate Europe Observatory, ‘Platform Failures’ looks in detail at Airbnb’s relationships with cities across Europe and America, revealing how Airbnb has driven up rents, caused damage to urban communities, and wrecked affordable social housing programmes; and that only by delivering strong regulations can such platforms be forced to cooperate.

Inside Airbnb: Jersey City

November, 2019

On November 5, 2019, Jersey City voters have an opportunity to affirm, via a voter Ballot, Jersey City Council ordinances which serve to regulate Short-Term Rental activity. This report aims to provide some facts on Short-Term Rental use in Jersey City, especially the distinct and majority Commercial nature of Airbnb use.

Venice Bulletin: Monthly updates on Airbnb in Venice, Italy

May, 2019

This monthly report, portrays the latest numbers on Airbnb listings in Venice (Italy), in terms of absolute amounts, comparison to population and housing stock, neighbourhood distribution and revenue shares among hosts.

A Year Later - Airbnb as a Racial Gentrification Tool.

January 30, 2018

A year later, we look at damning new research on the impact of Airbnb in New York City and talk about the response to the Airbnb Racial Gentrification study, in particular how Airbnb reacted to the research.

The Face of Airbnb, New York City - Airbnb as a Racial Gentrification Tool.

March 1, 2017

In this new study, which looks at Airbnb's role in racial gentrification, Inside Airbnb has racially categorized every host's photograph and found that in prodominatnly Black neighborhoods, white hosts own the majority of listings and recieve most of the economic benefits, while long-term Black residents are most impacted by the loss of housing and neighborhood disruption.

City of LA: Incentive Data Shows that Landlords Make More Money Renting Short-term for as Few as 60 Days Per Year

August 30, 2016

Inside Airbnb’s Murray Cox releases data showing that affordable housing will be lost if short-term rentals are permitted for as few as 60-days per year in some Los Angeles neighborhoods.

How Airbnb's Data hid the Facts in New York City

February 10, 2016

On December 1 2015, Airbnb made data available about its business in New York City, with much fanfare. This report shows that the Airbnb data release misled the media and the public.

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