Data Requests

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If you are interested in making a data request for Archived Data or New Data, read on.

Before you make a data request, please understand the project's Data Policies.

Read more about how we evaluate requests, to understand how requests are prioritised, and if your request requires funding, use our pricing guide to prepare a data budget.

When you're ready to make a data request, jump to the make a data request section.

Request Evaluation

The project evaluates and prioritises data requests based on alignment to the project's mission, which depends on your identity, the data requested and your intended use of data.

In addition, in order to sustain the project, data requests from researchers and non-mission aligned requests will require a data budget.

Requests are prioritised and the requirement to fund your request depend on mission alignment and the type of request, as follows:

Identity / Request Type Priority Funding Requirement

Mission aligned requests from activists, journalists or residents

Very High * None

Mission aligned requests from governments or administrators (local, regional or national)

High * Usually Required

Mission aligned research from individuals or institutionals

Are you an academic studying:

  • regulations to protect housing;
  • impact on housing;
  • impact on residential communities;
  • touristification and overtourism;
  • gentrification; or
  • unethical tech companies?

Medium Required

Non-mission aligned or commercial research

Are you conducting commercial research, or are you an academic studying a topic not aligned to the mission of the Inside Airbnb project, like:

  • tourism;
  • Airbnb pricing strategy; or
  • "big data"?

Low Required

* Even for those requests that have high mission alignment: if your request requires work, requires prioritisation, or if you are well funded; in the spirit of sustainability, mutual support and equity, you may be asked to fund your data request, or contribute to the project in other ways, via donations or "subscribing" to the data.

Pricing Guide

For data requests that require funding, below is a guide to help you set your expectations and budgets.

Archived Data

For access to archived data (generally data older than 12 months) for those requests that require to be funded, below is a pricing guide:

Non-mission aligned or commercial research

# of cities/regions price (US$*)
1 $500
2 $800
3 $1,100
4 $1,350
5 $1,600
6 $1,850
7 $2,100
8 $2,350
9 $2,600
10 $2,350
11+ Contact us

Mission aligned research for individuals or institutionals

# of cities/regions price (US$*)
1 $300
2 $500
3 $700
4 $850
5 $1,000
6 $1,150
7 $1,300
8 $1,450
9 $1,600
10 $1,750
11+ Contact us

Data for New Regions

While the mission and goal of the Inside Airbnb is to add more data over time, it does take effort and resources.

Due to the limited resources of the project, data requests for new data and regions will be prioritised based on mission and strategic alignment.

All requests for new data from researchers or requests that are non-mission aligned, will require a data budget.

Funding required for a data request for a new region depend on the effort involved, the amount of data in the region, and start at US$375.

In most cases, commissioning data for a new region will add data to the public domain.

Global Pricing Equity

To ensure that pricing is equitable for researchers from countries with lower economic power, we offer global equity discounts based on World Bank Gross National Income (GNI) per capita categories:

Researchers working for international or well-funded organisations or institutions in these countries are not eligible to the Global Pricing Equity discount.

** This is not an endorsment of the World Bank, their work, or the way they calculate or classify economies.

Make a Data Request

If you're now ready to make a data request, please complete one the following forms:

If you have any other questions please contact: