As a mission driven, grassroots project, Inside Airbnb relies on the generous support of collaborators who choose to contribute to the project. If you would like to collaborate or contribute to the project, please review our current needs below, and fill out our Collaborator Interest Form. You can also email to find out more.

For institutions or organisations, please consider partnering with Inside Airbnb.

Project Needs

  • Create activist materials like flyers or posters
  • Design delightful visualisations and interfaces
  • Design and produce reports
Data Activists/Journalists
  • Create and improve data driven narratives
  • Create tools for activists and advocates
  • Collect and maintain library of shapefiles
  • Improve spatial data visualisations and use of maps for advocacy
  • Support the mapping needs of residents and activists
  • Manage data infrastructure
  • Create data subscription system
  • Optimise scraping for efficiency, reliability and cost
  • Add additional data sources
  • Build and support data analysis infrastructure
  • Provide data tools to other collaborators or the Inside Airbnb community
  • Develop activist and data communities
  • Support needs of residents, community and activist groups
  • Develop mission-based content
  • Media relations
Policy and Housing Researchers
  • Collect, analyse and publish information on regulations
  • Create policy frameworks
  • Support civic processes like public hearings, requests for comments
  • Develop tools to quickly and easily assess impacts on housing and communities.
  • Collect, collate, merge and publish housing data
  • Identify and develop institutional partners
  • Attract and empower collaborators
  • Fundraising