Partner with Inside Airbnb

Inside Airbnb is a mission driven project that provides data and advocacy about Airbnb's impact on residential communities.

We work towards a vision where data and information empower communities to understand, decide and control the role of renting residential homes to tourists.

Inside Airbnb values working with others to achieve shared objectives. If your mission aligns with Inside Airbnb's, you believe we have shared objectives, or you simply want to support or enable our work, please consider a partnership with Inside Airbnb.

Partner Opportunities

Partnership might come in many forms, but could include:

  • Working together on strengthening regulations in a town, city, region or country
  • Developing a better understanding of sustainable- or over-tourism, not centered around the hospitality industry
  • Deploying your resources to help support our work. Check out some of our needs on the collaborate page
  • Funding the work of Inside Airbnb
  • Providing an institutional home that secures Inside Airbnb's future

Email and lets us know how you think we could work together.