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Inside Airbnb is the only mission driven open data project for global Airbnb data.

We are a grassroots project, funded by the founder, sustaining cities, data sales, donations, and the time of its collaborators. To meet the mission of Inside Airbnb while providing free data, a robust funding model is required to fund the free data.

Without Inside Airbnb data, activists, cities and researchers would have to rely on misinformation from Airbnb and their lobbyists, or data from commercial providors like Airdna, whose business model, like Airbnb's, is dependent on commercial hosts.

If you support the mission of the project, or rely on the data for your work, please consider making a donation to help make this effort sustainable.. Your contribution will help to pay for data hosting and collection, the development of analytic and activist tools, and compensation for the valuable time of our collaborators.

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You can become a monthly supporter on Patreon; or with PayPal by a one-off or monthly donation:


If you or your organisation would prefer to make a formal donation e.g. via an invoice, please e-mail

If you are interested in accessing archived Inside Airbnb data or making a request for new data, please refer to our Data Policies.

* Unfortunately at this time your donation is not tax deductible

** We are working on providing transparency for the project detailing how the project is funded and how funds are spent. Stay tuned!

*** The project does not accept any money from hotel owners or operators except when they are paying for data for their own independent research