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Inside Airbnb Network

Inside Airbnb is mission-driven and supports residents and activists who are organising to protect their communities from the negative effects of short-term rentals. Inside Airbnb deeply believes in the power of community, in sharing resources and celebrating successes.

The Inside Airbnb Network is an inclusive and safe space where members are organising against the impacts of short-term rentals. It is a space where residents, activists, and allies connect and learn from each other's experiences and benefit from collective action. The space is self-organising and exists to bolster the community's efforts and pool resources.

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We are a group of residents, activists and allies from organisations (big and small) across the globe. We come together to share lessons, post resources and learn about each other's work. Our long term vision is to unify the isolated efforts of communities into a global movement dedicated to protecting our neighborhoods and homes, and to make visible the global attacks on our homes.

The Network is steadily growing and is currently hosted in a public Facebook Page and a closed Facebook Group.

The page is the best place to find updates and to show your support for the cause, whereas the group is where you can participate in discussion, learn about strategies and collaborate with other activists.

We'd love to have you join us! Please feel free to share with your communities and organisations.

Inside Airbnb Network Facebook Page

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Inside Airbnb Network Facebook Group

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Organising Groups

If you are part of, or know of other organising groups, please email to be included in an upcoming registry.