Inside Airbnb: Dallas (March 2023)

March 31, 2023

A Report by Murray Cox

Working with the Dallas Neighborhood Coaltion, which represents thousands of homeowners from dozens of neighborhoods, Inside Airbnb, using March 2023 data, releases a new report on how Airbnb, the major short-term rental platform, is being used in the City of Dallas.

Key Findings

  • The majority of Airbnb use in Dallas, and almost all revenue is "unhosted"
    • 85% of Dallas Airbnb listings are entire home or apartment listings (96% of revenue)
    • Airbnb is mostly entire houses and apartments, not renting out "spare rooms"
  • Airbnb entire home listings are growing an average of 44% per year, and have increased 619% since 2016
  • Returning entire home short-term rentals from lodging to the housing market would make 16% more rental housing units available across Dallas and up to 62% more in some Council Districts.
  • Most entire home Airbnb listings are in a property portfolio managed by commercial “hosts”
    • 66% of entire home listings are offered by “hosts” that have more than one entire home listing
    • Almost half (45%) of entire home listings are in a portfolio with 5 or more entire home rentals
  • Absent “hosts” dominate the Airbnb platform in Dallas
  • Only half (51%) of entire home listings are operated by “hosts” who self-identify as living in Dallas

The Report

The full report can be downloaded here.

For the Press

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